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What is G Scale?

Track Gauge and Scale
G Scale is essentially the modelling of narrow gauge railways on track 45mm wide, representing, in the scale of 1:22.5, continental metre gauge, though in recent years this has been enhanced by the introduction of a number of propriety items representing 3 foot gauge to the scale 1:20.3; the scales make little difference as visually both can be run together. Standard gauge which is 4 foot 8 ½ inch between running lines is represented by a scale of 1:29. That said, it is possible to run any scale and prototype albeit gauged to 45mm. At open days and meets all will be seen, though most members do tend to run a prototypical locomotive and stock.

Origins of G Scale
G Scale was started by the German firm of Lehmann in the 1960s, with a trade name of LGB (which translated means Lehmann Big Railway), whilst you will still see these item as their quality are legendary, as a result of their success many other ‘ready to run’ manufacturers have entered the hobby, including Peco, Bachmann, Accucraft, Aristocraft and USA Trains to mention a few. G Scale products are long lasting and reliable, and generally weatherproof making them ideal for outdoor operation. LGB is now manufactured by Marklin.

Getting Started
Starter sets are available from some manufacturers, which make a cost effective entry into the hobby. To start off it is simply a case of laying the track on a flat area, connecting the power and start running. There are a number of child friendly systems also available, we have members that entered the hobby with children as young as six. Some modellers run their stock straight from the box, others make simple modifications like fitting lights or changing couplings, whilst others assemble kits or scratch build models.

In recent years there have been major changes in how we can control our trains. This is due to being able to install electronic modules into many of the models of locomotives, which enable sounds of the steam or diesels to be produced and heard by installing loud speakers in the locos. Other functions can also be controlled and this is all known as DCC control. (Digital Command and Control).

Area Groups
The Society supports members and Area Groups with advice, facilities and practical assistance such as insurance when running a Society sponsored event.

The G Scale Society
G Scale is supported by a wide variety of manufacturers and suppliers, and a range of scales - the choice is yours. In the Society we operate a broad church, and especially welcome families to join, you won’t find any ‘rivet counters’, just a good day out with like-minded members.